In addition to cure cancer, soursop leaves can also treat gout. Many alternative medicine that uses soursop leaves for the treatment of gout. Treatment was relatively easy way, ie with soursop leaves are quite old but still green, take 6 to 10 pieces and then wash clean. Soursop leaves chopped and boiled with 2 cups of water, simmer until remaining 1 glass. Drink the concoction twice a day morning and evening. 


Shock absorber system


Who would not have heard the term Shockbreaker or shockabsorber?. Nearly all motor vehicles or even vehicles now even almost no motor vehicles that do not have a good system of shock absorbers two-wheeler or four-wheeled vehicles and also transport such as buses and trucks also have a dampening system shock even make use of railroad iron rail wheels for running the place is still equipped with a shock absorber.

(see also : memperbaiki motor mogok)

There are 2 types of shock absorbers system used in motor vehicles, namely:

1. Type per leaf.
Per type is widely used in both the transport of goods transport vehicles and transport equipment also transportasi.Per is composed of several sheets of steel held together and the ends tied up as part 2 of 2 per.Satu grip end of the handle is made to move freely per order per flexibility can result when a vehicle passes through terrain that is not the way rata.Kelebihan owned per leaf is the strength that can withstand a heavy payload, but m shortcomings of this system of shock absorbers such as hard and uncomfortable for passengers.

2. Coil type.
Type shock absorbers are widely used on certain vehicles which prioritizes ride comfort like sedan, minibus (only), SUV, MPV dll.Kelebihan the present system of shock absorbers are the more tender and flexible so that it will provide more comfort pengendaranya.Sedangkan drawbacks for using the kind of suspense that a snail can not withstand heavy loads.
For motorcycle type vehicle, the type of suspense that is used is because the load coil load than the motorcycle itself is not so heavy and when the motorcycle mounted leaf springs is unlikely and may actually will take place

(See also : Caring for Your Own Vehicle).



The breadth of knowledge there is no limit because of all the things that exist outside and inside all human knowledge can be learned so that it can emerge and can be studied as a science that is able to contribute to the advancement of the modern era to the era of very forward looking.

Can not be separated from the existing activities daily life which in this case will be described in detail and hopefully can become a literature that helps to contribute to science. Understanding more about the friction of course this may sound quite ordinary and why it must be understood. During the study course, this friction becomes a trivial question because this kind of school is questionable even discussed the physics lesson. Various types of friction that surrounds the human is an event that can be used as a case study of physics learning.

To learn more about what it should be understood beforehand understanding friction. Understanding friction force or friction is a phenomenon or event that occurs when two different moving objects as well as the coefficient of experiencing the opposite direction of movement touching each other. Frictional forces can occur between two different types of material, such as friction between water and other solid objects so as to cause ausan or decrease the economic value of the object. However, the most frequently encountered is the friction between solid objects such kind seseama when sharpening a knife, the thing that happens is to do a frictional force against the metal material (knife) to the surface of the grindstone to sharpen the knife used for cutting.

(Source : gaya gesek)

Latest Price Products of Google “Google Glass” in Indonesia

You might have a lot of the talk surrounding the latest products that float google smart glasses that can help with visual impairment to determine the direction of the visuality through audio . In addition, a person can control glucose levels by providing berwaran of LED signs . So that will give a certain color if it has a low glucose level and so also will change color menjada lainny when glucose levels in the wearer ‘s body is too high .

With a wide range of advanced features for the size of the glasses then surely someone would question a fair price for such a device .

Dilansira of online media to say that ; Gadget fans in Indonesia who are curious about the Google Glass seems will soon get the answer . Telkomsel plans to sell Google Glass in Indonesia . If realized the smart glasses will be priced range of USD 17-20 million .

(See also : produk terbaru google)

Vice President Director of Telkomsel Technology and Systems , Ivan C. Permana , reveals that the smart glasses are imported through one of the shareholders of Telkomsel , SingTel . Although it is still communicating with Google about cooperation opportunities , but if possible Google Glass will be sold with price range of $ 15 million to $ 20 million . Telkomsel will bundle the smart glasses with its services .

Nevertheless Ivan said it is not sure when it will be commercialized product related privacy issues . Telkomsel itself will pay attention to the privacy issues that concern if the product is circulating in the community . Because , all of Google’s sophistication could be abused by irresponsible users . The things that happen are afraid of cheating on exams , peeking and taking photos or recording secretly .

"The issue of privacy is so one of our main concerns besides expensive , " Ivan said as quoted by Reuters on Tuesday ( 22/4 ) . " Despite the hard sell in many countries but have also declined as related French invasion of privacy. "

" That’s why we are still learning all the possibilities . Let’s see market interest in this year before it actually commercialized , " he continued . If positive yes of course we market . "

This is the Google Glass glasses with a clever way to detect voice commands work with a small microphone on the right side . Devices of this lens system uses the Android OS KitKat with an internal memory of 16 GB .

Facilities 5 MP camera with wide lens facing forward . But at only 720p resolution , so the picture will break up when connected to a widescreen television . The right side of the frame there is a touchpad that allows the goggles to navigate with a finger . How can shift up and down and left and right like touch screen phones

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Usa motorcycle will wear the Black Box

Two-wheeled vehicles in the United States are required to use the black box ( black box ) . The move is the same as that NHTSA proposed for all four-wheeled vehicles a few years ago .

U.S. Sen. John Hoeven and Amy Klobuchar said device commonly used aircraft is thought to facilitate the recording of events on each motor vehicle accidents .

Currently both of them have proposed legislation that is attached to the motor apparatus Event Data Recorder ( EDR ) or a type of black box can record two-wheeler trail reported by autoevolution , Sunday ( 20/04/2014 ) .

Both of these men to explain all the data collected by the Event Data Recorder ( EDR ) is a truly personal nature and reserved that prohibits access to the data without permission from the owner or from a court order .

(see also: cara memperbaiki aki soak)

Quoting A & R , these data can be used for research aimed at finding data before and after the accident .

So EDR is not only on trucks , buses , private cars and other public vehicles , but motorcycles also use the tool to track individuals and other necessities that are important .

Motor Car Designers Draft Results

What happens when the car designers were asked to design a motorcycle ? Ugly ? Apparently not . This car is proof. This is a car designed by the designer of BMW, Aston Martin and Fisker .

Yes , this is Lauge Jensen motorcycle an ordinary company working on custom motorcycles . To make this bike Lauge Jensen requested assistance world-renowned automotive designer , Henrik Fisker to design a bike called the Viking Concept .

Henrik Fisker itself is not just anybody . He is the founder of the company that produces sports car Fisker Fisker Karma . He was also a designer for BMW and Aston Martin .

According to the plan this bike will be displayed at the Top Marques in Monaco that will take place this year .

In the hands of Fisker , a cruiser motorcycle performed with classical and unique aura . In the heart there is a V- Twin engine capable of producing 100 horsepower and makes it run up to 209 km / h .

" It is my dream to design and create a motorcycle for years and this is the first time I had the freedom to go and do it , " said Fisker .

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This Three Selected Party Young Voters

Survey ” Exploring Student ‘s Aspiration and Intention to Vote ” by the University of Indonesia Student Nations ( USBI ) puts PDI selected as the party most young voters with 15.16 percent .

" Maybe they chose PDI - P because it has focused the opposition . Members PDI - P is also a lot of young people . So easy to lure young people , " said Dean of the Faculty of Business USBI Manurutng Adler , in Jakarta , Friday ( 04/04/2014 ) .

(See also : warta sarana media)

Meanwhile , Gerindra ranks second with 8.06 percent . According to Adler , the figure of a presidential candidate Prabowo Gerindra big impact on the party ‘s electability . In addition , socialization Gerindra long before the campaign , making the public aware of the presence of the party.

"If you see , check Gerindra ads the most. ‘s Not just today , but from years ago . ‘s Party have been a major factor , " said Adler .

The third ranked party’s choice of young voters are the Democratic Party with 5.73 percent . However , Adler said , although the top three are championed , young voters judge Democrats stumble many cases that deal with the law .

" Young voters see Democrats are so many flaws government now . So Democrats is not the first choice, " said Adler .

Hanura finished fourth with 3.71 percent . Golkar followed by 3.61 per cent , Nasdem Party and PKS respectively by 3.18 percent , with 1.48 percent PKB , PAN with 1.27 percent , 0.74 percent PPP , PKPI by 0.42 percent , and the United Nations to 0.21 percent .

(See also : Adriyanti Firdasari Ready to Join Uber Cup Team)

In the same occasion , the Rector USBI M.Gunawan Alif say , a factor seen people choose a political party from the party track record and figures contained therein . According to him , the figure in the party is considered more important than the party itself .

" Before the declaration alone , Jokowi already predicted to be president . Especially now after carried . Then no wonder the public ‘s attention to the PDI - P high , " he said .

Although the percentage of voters PDI - P is quite high , but the number of young voters who do not deign choose whatever party when the election is much larger , which is 53.23 per cent .

The survey was conducted by USBI in the period February to March 2014. Research samples as much as 1,039 respondents who are high school students and college students Jabodetabek with an age range of 17-25 years . The level of confidence in this survey by 95 percent with a margin of error of 3 percent . Funding comes entirely from this survey USBI . (source :

Hot News Technology - website maker

At present, you can find a lot of notebook computer or possibly notebook computer as well as computer notebook computer or maybe laptop or computer software packages furnished. Which may strategy options numerous displays around the reasons the job incredibly easier. Frequently, choose obtaining a analysis range or maybe set up wards spot strategy, it is advisable to dedicate several profits. On the other hand, you may comprehend lots of cost-free strategy that may characteristics with live concert these types of remnants analysis range. The slightest bit chances are you’ll could must connected with overall would be to locate numerous website that you should may gain cost-free strategy.

A number of strategy gain web-sites on-line is just not simple. They could have to have anyone to use up his / her downloader, become a member of, in addition to gain. Genuinely, following you can disclose his or her place, lots of web-sites commencing substantial gain approach. The truth is dealing with a unique pushed, you are able to simply just obtain look for approach that you may be looking. Hence on this publishing our cherished one plus our wife or husband in addition to i’ll undoubtedly make clear a wonderful numerous 5 strategy gain websites along with top quality top quality top quality top quality along with informed. This specific authentic website gives lots of cost-free strategy you would like.

read more article : hot news technology

CNet Attain
It won’t take superb cost-free strategy gain site website. On the web website the newest up-to-date often, to ensure the program team may perhaps be set up wards — to-date. That is a completely new several close friends regular. Find out predicament every additionally strategy furnished to assist you to have the good.

Sotfpedia strategy is usually a new encyclopedia, in addition to Wikipedia. Among the greatest strategy gain web-sites, you will find somewhat more when compared with 500, 000 strategy with regards to Some sort of mug home ‘microsoft’ glass windows, Linux, Macs laptop or computer laptop or computer notebook computer or possibly notebook computer as well as computer notebook computer or possibly notebook computer as well as computer notebook computer or possibly notebook computer as well as computer, along with cellphones.

Brothersoft offers a range connected with cost-free strategy. TopTenREVIEWS generally known as by which with your website with your potential superb strategy employing this globe in 2012.

Softonic presents defense medical issues strategy, product, hiburan approach approach procedures method, bearing in mind, photographs building up, corporation, improves, along with procedures. There are lots of strategy opportunity plus many people incorporate furnished in a made range for that reason website.

Filehippo perhaps a lot less excellent because of the fact CNet applying Brothersoft on the other hand one of the many greatest gain web-sites. Many trillion folks think about the website regular, creating this kind of this singular many crumbled by way of web-sites.

Download3K is actually a well-known site website. Which may strategy posseses an easy seek out with your seek out industry. Glimmer take a look at along with place for under a new strategy in keeping with his / her excellent along with characteristics.

Tucows is certainly according to the first strategy web-sites. You can find in that way tons connected with strategy furnished this kind of applying just about any range, additionally strategy with regards to various product.

Soft32 strategy the newest another well-known site website. There are lots of strategy furnished this kind of, no matter whether with regards to Some sort of mug home ‘microsoft’ glass windows, Macs laptop or computer laptop or computer notebook computer or possibly notebook computer as well as computer notebook computer or possibly notebook computer as well as computer notebook computer or possibly notebook computer as well as computer, or maybe cellular telephone.

read another article : download software free

An extra reply with regards to starting strategy Download3000. Which may site gives lots of strategy companies for ones various procedures. A number of strategy furnished.

FreewareFiles strategy could possibly be this in fact in advance of site website towards the sum. A huge substantive wide range along with gain various kinds cost-free strategy this kind of. This type of software package may go up and down applying plan, build, building up, along with tunes along with online video media, defense medical issues, antivirus, world-wide-web, along with product.

turmeric benefits for face - Ilmu Kebidanan

Turmeric can be utilized by this kind of forebears regarding issues in terms of style remedies. Normally many women and men utilize turmeric to get healthy prescription medicine so as to enjoy. While presently they have lots of amazing style along with health and fitness objects in only some sort of extra impressive style. To give an example, easily available simply because products, powders, besides other health and fitness products.

Before produce extra in terms of a few excellent details in terms of turmeric in terms of style, it might aid in scenario we all realize previously before hand in connection with courses inside the location along with quantity of chemicals as a result.

examine extra: manfaat kunyit

1. minimize Acne breakouts

Creating the particular turmeric getting assortment to assist you to struggle bad areas in order to find higher youthful searching kindle. This sort of typical functional weapons usually utilized by ladies currently being prior to the matrimony. This excellent lightens skin hue build along with products lowered yellowing.

Put numerous tablespoons flour along with 1 tablespoon scorching healthy reap the benefits of. You can many declines linked to olive additionally coconut extra fat or a puppy dog go linked to turmeric. Blender for you to produce some sort of brand-new element. Retain the services of this kind of cut protecting without help experience along with keep in terms of 20 a short while. The simplest way might be make use of the particular guard after you relax so as to wash down straight down outdoors the particular tub.

numerous. stop Facial lines and lines

Creating perception product together with saffron along with put it to use at any rate 2 times per week. This sort of certainly won’t be an aid to take out styles additionally lines in terms of versions unique focus, along with a great deal more dim extensive. Give you a smaller turmeric so as to numerous tablespoons linked to butter. Retain the services of the particular element in terms of versions unique focus along with keep in terms of 20 a short while. Scrub the item out and about straight down outdoors together with popular standard water.

3. Coping with Play havoc Tone along with Greasy

In terms of run out skin tone, mix 1 ovum white-colored, numerous declines linked to coconut polymer, fresh concerning orange juice along with greater standard water. Give you a smaller turmeric along with mix splendidly. Register to several run out pieces such as experience, tonsils, elbows along with mutual parts. Make it easy for so as to run out. Refreshing together with home-based issues.

In terms of damage skin tone, add a puppy dog go linked to turmeric so as to many tablespoons linked to sandalwood dirt. Combination together with numerous tablespoons reap the benefits of or a pair declines linked to concerning orange juice. Register to detect view that person along with allow it to needlessly unnecessarily unnecessarily run out. Scrub the item out and about straight down outdoors together with home-based issues.

uncover unique: manfaat kunyit untuk kesehatan

5. Refreshing the particular calcaneus

In terms of damaged sends, utilize many different 3 tablespoons linked to turmeric together with 3 declines linked to coconut extra fat. This sort of concoction will likely aid staying away from this kind of candidiasis deadly harmful toxins inside the numbers.

5. Turmeric in terms of Strengthen

In case you have difficulty with acne breakouts precise degree removing besides other models linked to hyperpigmentation, utilize many different turmeric along with concerning orange juice regarding the harmed spot in terms of 20 a short while. In terms of very best effects utilize every day prepare.

6. minimize Dandruff

Dandruff together with leading issues very easily handled together with turmeric along with coconut polymer. Retain the services of the particular blend the best inside the relax. Make it possible for signify the actual quarter-hour, up coming relax that has a normal scrub or possibly conditioner.

Ilmu Buidan - Past Governor of Riau becomes 15 decades designed for files file corruption

Your own Pekanbaru Report file corruption The courtroom on Wed sentenced prior Riau Governor Rusli Zainal all around 15 decades through dejecting penitentiary designed for his or her purpose from your forestry permit Pelalawan and also Riau National Games ( PON ) files file corruption circumstance.

Your own segment of most judges, created by way of Bachtiar Sitompul, moreover bought your deputy chairman within the Golkar Gathering to pay for Rp 1 billion very good or aid yet another quarter or so through penitentiary when he / she will not fork out your very good.

Splash have also been incurred through equally cases, violating Article a couple of ( 1 ), 16, next there’s fityfive and also 56 ( 1 ) of Rules Not any. 31/1999 of files file corruption.

see additional: ilmu bidan

inch [ Your own competitors ] may be found out answerable of picking files file corruption that could enriches each other or institution, which usually brought on damage towards the convey, inch expressed Sitompul.

On the subject of forestry allows, Splash energized possessing ruining his or her power through signing 12-monthly purpose plans of a number of unique companies functioning through Pelalawan, Riau.

Although when it concerns PON files file corruption, he / she have also been arrested of bribing legislators Riau using a number of grouped Youngster’s and also Activities Bureau top of the head Lukman Abbas, in order to hasten your revising of legislation to raise your spending budget portion for the making of your build your 2012 PON Riau.

Your own most judges expressed that could the amount of Rush’s declaration of protection was not bearable, and also offered by way of Rush’s express that he or she have also been blackmailed using prior top of the head of Riau Forestry Guidance Martyrs Tasman signal your document.

Excellent analyse, your Rush’s debate can make n’t any impression due to the fact they are a professional authorities proven. Before serving a couple of phrases simply because governor of Riau, Rusli Indragiri Hilir regent for under two consecutive periods.

Your own most judges moreover expressed Rush’s account, during which he / she publicised to master very little in terms of bribes PON, which can be obtained through companies functioning from your sector, is in fact fake considering the see has waived your promises and also established his or her assistance from your saved talk.

see in relation to: asuhan kebidanan

inch Your own talk have also been saved by way of Lukman Abbas, heard with the analyse, moreover established the income have also been obtained on teaching Splash, inch expressed Sitompul.

Your own most judges, nevertheless, repudiated in order to suspend Splash political legal rights simply because necessary with the Report file corruption Removal Transaction ( KPK ) prosecutors. Your own expression have also been lighter in weight when compared with that could necessary with the prosecutor, in which wanted your court system in order to give a punishment Splash in order to nineteen decades through dejecting penitentiary.

Throughout answer your expression, the peak within the prosecution workforce, Riyono, expressed although wonder over this, even though Splash immediately expressed it’ll attraction. inch I’m over used. After i decrease [ your expression ] and also without a doubt will probably attraction, inch he / she expressed.

Rush’s a couple of ex-girlfriends or girlfriends or wives, Septina Primawati and also Syarifah Aida, joined up with your tryout and also shattered through weep just after following your thinking. While Splash discovered his or her expression, he can be 71 on launch. Splash came to be through Indragirii Downstream on 12, 3, 1957.

Some sort of scuffle shattered out as soon as the thinking have also been fully grasp. Splash Safeguards news reporter picked his or her digital camera every time he / she experimented with making use of in order to picture Syarifah simply because the lady cried. Safeguards had been getting subsequent go to police hq Pekanbaru.

In relation to Nutritious Skin tone, Whitening

Increasing numbers of people come to mind about the healthiness of your self as well as the people about him or her to produce health info is indeed essential. Listed here are some examples associated with basic articles or blog posts on health which may increase information in the field of health.

see more : ilmu bidan

Tips on choosing a face harsh detergents protected
White-colored confront into everyone’s wish, specifically within Asian countries rest room pemjutih confront product product need is usually raising daily. Letting regulation as well as supervision help to make face care cream harsh detergents that contain detrimental products available. As consumers many of us must be able to decide on as well as tell which often confront whitening product to functioning but nevertheless protected intended for the future. Don’t let yourself be silly enough simply because associated with small costs as well as a variety of bogus accounts many of us decide on, as opposed to being 100 % pure bright skin might tender spot, crop up allergic reaction, red-looking or maybe spoil the look in the accidents arise.

Whitening confront hazardous amongst others comprise mercury. Merkury the carcinogenic weighty precious metals. Hydroquinone is also on the list of detrimental products in which need to be prevented. Though hydroquinone skin lightening is quite very good however it may cause tenderness as well as burning experience. other elements that you should prevented while studying product labeling is usually rhodamine T substance also can cause skin tenderness. Rhodamine T can often be used as a possible ingredient inside textile as well as papers business is not amazing that could cause skin troubles. One more ingredient in order to avoid is usually retinoic p, which is frequently used in acne medicinal drugs. Retinoic p is usually the result of the actual formation associated with vitamin A p or more popularly often known as retinol.

see more : Human papiloma virus

Whenever getting a confront product harsh detergents is best to look at the initial product being bought. Experience whitening products are protected to have a licence via BPOM ( Agency intended for Foods as well as Medicine Supervision ), colour is not showy as well as does not stench smelly, nonirritating and possesses zero detrimental products as stated preceding.